Legacy Letters

You have lived and learned in your own special way, and you have important thoughts, experiences, and feelings to pass on to those around you. ~Robert Flashman et al.

What is a Legacy Letter?

Most of us have a Last Will and Testament for the legal allocation of our possessions, but few of us prepare an equally important document that outlines the values, wisdom, and personal reflections we truly want to pass on to others. A legacy letter, is an effective way to achieve this important task. Such a document may well be one of the most cherished and meaningful gifts you can give to family, friends or community.

What goes in a Legacy Letter?

Legacy letters are very unique and personal documents. The content of these will vary dramatically from one person to the next.

You legacy letters may contain any of the following:

  • Identification and clarification of the personal values that have directed and influenced your life.
  • Discussion of the important life lessons which have shaped who you are and who you have become.
  • Acknowledgement of your proudest achievements and accomplishments
  • The important advice and wisdom you wish to pass on to friends, family and future generations
  • Stories from your life, or past down from previous times, that help to link the past with the present and the future
  • Wishes and hopes for the future of those you love

Faye has conducted workshops and given presentations on Legacy Letter Writing.  It is a wonderful way to get started on documenting aspects of your life story.