Family Bonds and Belonging: It’s Not All Relative

What is a family?  Does family consist only of those people to whom we are related by blood?  Or, do we chose our family?  Do we have more than one family?  Who are the people who’ve had the the greatest influence on our lives?  To whom are we most closely bonded?

These are questions that often arise when we are involved in life story writing.

A recent ad for an interesting new exhibition at the Royal British Columbia Museum is certainly compelling in relation to these questions. This exhibition, which opens in June, promises to “challenge conventional ideas of family and shows how family can be defined by blood, choice, community or place.” The exhibition will take us on a “journey exploring the joy and pain of bonds and belonging.”  As well, it will offer valuable suggestions for tools that will help those of us who want to dig into our own family history.

Family Bonds and Belonging: It’s Not All Relative runs from June 2nd to October 31, 2017 at the Royal B.C. Museum.  Tickets can be purchased at: www.RBCM.CA/FAMILY.

See you there!

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