David Suzuki writes “Letters to my Grandchildren”

David Suzuki’s latest book is titled “Letters to my Grandchildren”.  According to a recent article in the Times Colonist, Suzuki decided to write this book following a trip to Japan where he tracked down information about his grandparents and realized how little he knew of them.  He didn’t want his grandchildren to have the same realization.  In the book, he shares life lessons, experiences and values in a casual conversational format.

Through this book Suzuki has affirmed his view that it is important for the older generation to pass on the wisdom they have gained through living.  “We’re the only group in society that has already lived an entire life and we’ve made mistakes, we’ve suffered failures, we’ve had a few successes.  Those are life lessons,” he is quoted as saying.

What a wonderful gift David Suzuki has given his grandchildren with this book!  I will definitely be alluding to it in the workshop I will be facilitating in the fall (Documenting Your Legacy of Wisdom) which specifically looks at ways participants can examine and chronicle personal values, life lessons and achievements through a conversational letter format.  Who knows, some of the workshop participants may decide to produce a book!  Wouldn’t that be great?!

If you’d like to read the Times Colonist article on David Suzuki’s new book go to:


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